BEST DEFENSE FOUNDATION, a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, has not provided any goods or services, in whole or in part, to you in consideration for any voluntary donation you may choose to make tonight. If you do choose to make a donation tonight and wish to claim the tax deductibility of a gift in the U.S., please retain the acknowledgment letter you’ll be receiving in the next week for your files. Best Defense Foundation EIN number is 82-5125497.


All gift levels will go to support both our Back to the Battlegrounds and Transition Program-Training Program.

Subject to certain deduction limitations, federal and state income tax laws generally authorize charitable contribution deductions for amounts paid to qualified charities with donation intent to the extent such amounts exceed the actual fair market value of any goods or services received in return. As a convenience to auction bidders, contributors have provided estimates, listed in the item description, of the fair market values of auction items. Contributors have been asked to make these estimates in good faith and we assume that they have done so. While most of the items will have readily ascertainable market value, some items maybe unique or special and may not have readily ascertainable market value, therefore, we cannot guarantee that the actual fair market value of an item as ultimately determined for tax purposes will not be more or less then the amount of the estimate reflected in the items description. Purchasers and contributors of items are advised to consult their own tax advisors concerning the specific deduction, reporting, valuation, and substantiation requirements applicable to their purchases or contributions.